A Christmastale......

Lasty night while rebuilding a 3 ltr..I think I got a little too much carb cleaner...

....and visions of sugarplums...red ones.... **** Snooze***

Santa..Oh Santa

I blinked but it's still there!

God damnit!  Who blocked the lift witht his junker?  I have 924s to work on!

It does fit in real nice next to the leaky 3.0 ltrs and boxes full of 944turbo parts!

I dunno, guess I better take it out for a drive!  No need to clean my filty hands..a little
grease will be good for the leather!
CarreraS....wonder what that means?!?
Ooops, the driveway's off to the left...or..right...somewhere...for the extra $1700, you'd
think  those Litronic lights would keep you on the straight and narrow!
Now I'm completely lost.
Hey - that's my house....
I'm outa here!
Little turf-action on the front grass!
Kinda looks good on me don't it?
Gawd...if only Rudolph had some fashion taste...All that yellow!
Kinda like the red trim on the seats though....
Sport seats...
Not bad...but not much room to deliver presents....

And then I woke up......

Merry Christmas!

PS: This car is owned by Les Tronzo.  He brought it by first thing after it arrived direct from the dealer with less than 300 miles on the odometer.  The sticker was OVER $99K.  Intertesting car to drive with 5 speed automatic.  Now that's a trusting soul!

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Last Updated on 12/18/98
By Steve Timmins