Welcome to Pfaffenhausen.  RUF.

Outside, a nice little carreraRS.  Sweeeeeet.  CHeck out the paint job on the wheels.  Yoko Intermediates.

The RGT-RS.  This was described as a less expensive version of the GT3RS.  It had had the funky tacked on flares removed.

I like the duck-tail spoiler.  It had holes in the top to mount a rear wing.

Progressive rate springs and bilstein dampers with remote reserviors.

Here's the starting point for the R3600.  This gets a 2002+ 3.6 with drive by wire.  This particular car will also get the new nose and 996 headlights.

I stopped in to get info on chip reprogramming and they said it cost too much to convert the new cars to 3.4 with the old throttle cable so they only did 3.6 conversions.  I explained that I had done a few o offt others but the guy I was talking too wasn't much for listening (can;t say as I blame him).  He did, however offer me a tour.
As you may know, RUF buys incomplete bodies from Porsche and then builds a car.  The car will then be titled as a RUF rather than as a PORSCHE.

This is a 1992 964.  They said it had been totaled in Japan.  What's odd is that it is left-hand drive.

Um, notice anything missing?  Not an easy modification.

Supposedly lowers drag by about 3-4%.  This car had what looked to be a 965 engine in it.  Didn't take any pictures of that.

Nice integrated roll bar.

This car looked pretty darn good.  Just my color too.

I was surprised to see it had PZero Rossos on it.

This is the duct for the intercooler.  If you look at the factory turbos the intercooler is ducted from in from of the rear wheel, goes over the arch, then to the cooler.
This car is a narrow body so I suppose that is not possible.  RUF prefers narrow body for better aerodynamics.

This car looks to be SC or Carrera based.  It has a Carrera tail along whit the RUF front bumper.  Nice combo - Recarro SPGs, cage and crap hanging from the mirror.

Bye for now!