So in 2005 this really sounded like a great idea.  Hmmn.  what was I smoking; that day…

Colonel Mustard in the yard with GT3 in his pantz…..

99 996 will get a little upgrade…

“Say he-lo to my li-tell frennnnd…..”

Here’s how the car was represented.  For $15K I got a complete running 996 with 29K miles, minus the front fenders, hood, lights.  The car runs and drives and has a nice interior.  Easy fixer.  Great candidate for a race car to GT3 conversion. Light hit to the nose.

This is a story of lessons learned:
1) “Yeah, there was a reason it was totaled”
2) Never ever assume anything get pictures and a description of what will happen if the car is not as represented
3) Proper frame work is VERY expensive
4) eBay can save your butt on parts.

5) We got it running in 2016.  Ethanol had stripped all the insulation off the wires to the fuel pump and locked it up.  After replacing that it runs nicely. Still no time to deal with it!

Sales Pitch:  “An Easy Fixer”

Reality: Bent POS with a history akin to Dukes of Hazard.

A trip to the frame bench tells a lot.

The car returns home for to get some bodywork

The GT3 SuperCup World Challenge engine

More Arrival Photos.