• 1989 944turbo S - Thanks Jerry Wager!

1989 944 turboS and 1987 non-sunroof 944turbo, the Widowmaker.

Long story shortened. In the late 90s I bought a clapped out 944 from a friend in Sterling VA that was built by Al Collins, owner of AuthTHORITY (and the reason I started Instant-G to sell his chips at Porsche club meetings, literally installing them in the parking lot, 80 HP on a 944 turbo, hence the company name “Instant Gratification, Inc.”


Anyway, Scott called me up and wanted to unload an 83 944, which incidentally had no sunroof and manual steering.  He wanted $2500.  This was a dev car for AuthTHORITY (where Scott worked) and had been owned by Al.  It made about 190 HP (stock is 145) on pump gas and had a switch under the dash with 3 maps, econo, stock and race.  It also had a short gearbox and suspension.  I bought it on a Thursday, put some tires on it and took it to the track as Lyd’s race car.  It was fast as crap and I was annoying the hell out of all my 911 buddies with it who accused me of all sorts of skullduggery.  It has regular seal belts and we had to stop driving it when I broke 2 of the 3 spokes on the steering wheel holding on for dear life!  It looked like a big red piece of chalk and was instantly dubbed “the Ratmobile”.   I owned it for a couple of years and then sold it to James Brabson, former student employee who was one of the students in that gang that includes Doke, Donohue, Trevor, Clement, Beal (Bill Totten) and god knows how many others, a few more (Josh) , Jason Kelleher (works for one if the banks, see him occasionally) joined our pool as well. He drove it for like 5-6 years and eventually sold it with a zillion miles on it.


So somewhere in there, Scott called me again as offered me an 86 turbo.  It was also an Ex-Al car and had a “happy” motor in it with two computer boxes, one marked “RACE ONLY!”.  It had strange instruments, exhaust temp sensors and all that and looked like crap.  Somewhere along there another buddy rolled his 944 turboS at the track, so I took the motor and interior out of that and put it in the 86 and put the happy motor into an 87 I bought that was ordered as an unofficial “clubsport” with cruise delete, sunroof delete, and cloth sport seats.  I also added the turbos suspension from Joel’s roll victim.


Somewhere along there Chuck Pirelli put his 951 cup into a wall so I had that redone with the clip off the rolled car, so there was nothing left of the roller except a trip to the crusher.


FWIW that car from Al was sold to Chris Lane (Lane Roofing) who eventually sold it back to me, after he had it painted, then was bought by Brendan Purse, who blew up the motor, then I sold it with all the parts to fix it to a neighbor, who then returned it for the cost of the parts, and then it went to a former Student (Seth Beckley) and was dubbed the Rubberband car.


More than you cared to know.


Oh, and Jamie Gil got the other frame rail from Joel’s roller after an indiscretion.