Instant-G Oil System

We supply these pre-cut with the ends assembled to the hose. For pricing see the base Mocal Oil Cooler page.

Includes all clamps, thermostat, adapters, etc. for either 72 or 73 on.    Takes about 28 feet of -12 hose.  In general we do not put the front ends on the long lines (thermostat to cooler) since this will depend on the individual routing.

This is an install on a 72 car.  Installation on an SC can be seen here

General Layout.  Running the upper scavenge line was tricky, note how it goes behind the oil tank feed line to the engine.

Important to secure the oil feed hose.  You can see where it rubber on the tires.  We have run as large as 285/30/18 under these stock SC flares so clearances can become tight and wheel spacing is critical.

Location of thermostat.  We generally clamp the lines and let the thermostat be supported by them.  The clamp MOCAL supplies leaves a lot ot be desired.

More routing.  We used the original brass feed line.

Rocker detail

Fender well detail.  Nice shot of the TRG billet camber plates.

We fed the hoses through the battery box.

B&B Cooler up front.