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Steve’s 911 RSR3.X

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The story of how this car was built from an SC….
My addiction to porsches (Much more porsche stuff)

2003-2006 car ran with a stock VRam, ther aboe link talks abotu the whole process.

2007 – T39, Yes, that’s a FAT motor.

Watkins Glen 2004

Watkins Glen 2003

Here’s the car in acation Watkins Glen 2001

2001 System Upgrades


Save the Whales!

1983 911 SC before the conversion

    Stats: 3.4 ltr Max Moritz (10.5:1) , ECI-III Cams, Carrera Crank

Electromotive crank fired twin plug, 46mm webbers, 185 HP 😉

993tt Brakes, RSR Struts, Shocks, Dual stacked coils (Racer’s group…thanks Kevin!) with monoball mounts

915 Gearbox 7:31, Quaife, Stock SC gears (YuK!)

Curb Weight – 2350 Lbs, half tank of gas

Weltmeister sways RSR 3.8 Spec full cage tied into sils and susupension

Carbon Fibre doors, brake ducts and tail

FRP Bumpers and rockers

Paint courtesy DuPont test paint program