Over the past few months, I have been building a G0704 Based CNC Mill.

Items Purchased:

Total investment $4009

* Although I bought the CNC Conversion Kit from Automation Technologies, it was manufactured and supported by Heavy Metal CNC.  This support camein very handy when I managed to run the ball screw off the end of the shaft and Bruce put it back together for me at no charge!

** Perhaps I might have opted for the magnetic mount probe, however I have been very happy with the support form ProbeIT.

Installation of the above was relatively straightforward.  Install the motors, set up Mach3, etc.  I also purchased a wireless Pendant $110


Final Mach3 settings



The milling center cabinet was made from scrap.  The bottom is made from two 30x24x34″ kitchen cabinets left over from a friend’s remodel reinforced with 2x4s left over from an engine crate.  The top section is also made of recycled 2x4s and double hung windows left over from our sunroom remodel.  The fronts part in the middle and are mounted on drawer sliders.

Plans are available upon request but this was not exactly a PhD level design!  The operating area is roughly 60×30.