• 3.8 Varioram Conversion Street

Why spend a fortune rebuilding your old motor when you can get a reliable low mileage used motor for a few thousand more, and gain SERIOUS horsepower? We can also build to order.

Either supply your own motor or get one from us, either way we’ll make the upgrade quick and painless.

3.6 Conversion Kit Contents and Pricing Sheets (Microsoft Excel Format) :

  • Kit Contents – What do you need, what is nice to have and what’s icing on the cake.
  • Click for the 3.6 Conversion Cost Estimator – Allows you to add options and get total pricing
  • Complete Crate Motor Sample Pricing for 1969-1986 and 87-89 Updated frequently, see pricing date on spreadsheet. 
  • E-mail us for current inventory or a custom configuration: timmins@instant-g.com

PLEASE NOTE: THE SHEETS ABOVE ARE THE ONLY SOURCE OF CURRENT PRICING, Information in other articles on this site may or may not be up to date

C2/993 – 3.6 liter Engine Conversion Kits for 911


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Here are some of the cars we have done:

Instant-G 3.6/3.8 Conversion

This kit includes:

  • All hardware, studs, engine mount bolts, etc.
  • 915 flywheel will accept factory clutch kit
  • Modification of engine sheet metal and rear cross member
  • Proper Mahle fuel filter and braided steel lines
  • Oil lines to tank and thermostat and fittings
  • Electrical harness from DME harness to chassis
  • Complete instructions and wiring diagram, and tech support!
  • Click Here for a detailed listing

NEW: We also offer “Crate Motors” tested and ready to bolt in!

964 Based Motors:

  • 66-73 911 $1595-1675* Inquire for specifics ($1748-1975 separately)
  • 74-86 911 $1595 ($1748 separate)
  • 87-89 911 $1595 * Can use stock heat exchangers ($1848 separate)

(difference is the flywheel, at $495 vs $395)

993 Based Motors add $100:

  • Add $100 for the more complex 993 conversion harness
  • Add $80 for an additional oil feed adapter

G50 Options:

  • Short bellhousing: G50 Short Bellhousing Flywheel
  • Long Bellhousing (87-89 Carrera) -Flywheel compatible with the STOCK clutch.
  • Long Bellhousing 993RS / GT3 Clutch & Flywheel Pack – This is a GT3 based sachs kit with custom modification uses the most current Flywheel

Popular Option Packs

Save $140-170 -w/o- clutch, $155-185 -w- clutch Click Here for a full list of Options

See FAQ’s for details on why we recommend the above.



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NOTE: If you want to have heat you either need to run a hose from the fan shroud or use an SC/carrera blower. The 3.6 blower WILL NOT clear the rear deck lid hinges. They were moved outward on the C2 models.

The same holds true for the air filter housing. You can cut off the outside (and USE a K&N exposed to air) or purchase a Cone Style filter as listed above. You can also pay $195 for a Faux Carbon Fiber Fabiani frame, or I can cut your housing and give you $185 change!

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NOTE: Please read the FAQ before calling. We are more than happy to answer questions, but it gets old when they are already answered above.


Add up the following: Engine (you source or crate motor) Conversion Kit with options $1395-$2598 (could be more with G50, alt conversion, etc) Exhaust $700-2350 Install cost and shipping ?

You are looking at $16K as a minimum no matter how you slice it. We have had complete engines with oil coolers, custom exhaust, and all the bells and whistles go for over $20K and a 3.8 with cams and a vram can push mid $30Ks

for 911 Vehicles 1966-1989