Save Some Money with the Popular Options Packs!

Recommended 3.6 Conversion Options:

  • Cyntex Chips
    • C2/964: $375, $325 with kit
    • 993 95/VRam $475, $425 with kit, $375 with crate motor
      (adds 15-20 HP AND alleviates idle fluctuation due to light flywheel/pressure plate)
  • ODB-II Remapping and Drive Block Removal $995 - required for all 1996-1998 Varioram Engines
  • Evo Motorsports Powerflow Cone Filter and adapter and support:
    • 964 Evo Fresh Air $195,
  • 993 K&N Cone Filter
    • With Fresh Aire adapter $175
    • Basic Filter $65
  • Power Steering Blockoff -w- replacement seal $89
  • Single Pulley Alternator Adapter $139
  • Shroud Blockoff - with distributor vent kit $39
  • Sachs 915 "PowerKIT" high clamping force aluminum clutch pack with composite disk, attachment bolts, washers, etc. $695
  • Sachs 993RS+ Clutch Upgrade for G50 - Includes flywheel, Ring Gears, TP, Pilot, etc. custom modified for 87-98 G50 priced as  Upgrade from G50 pricing
  • AC Bracket Removal Modification -$50
    • Looks like this
    • not this
    • Cleans up engine compartment if you do not plan on running AC.
    • Send us your existing bracket.

Carbon Fiber RS Heating Duct $199 - combine this with a 993 or Instant-G exhaust to duct cooling air to from the fan shroud the heat exchangers.
Note: 993 VarioRAM motors require 964 fan shroudcap $35
B&B Exhaust on 993 requires C2 crossover duct, about $95
Newest version with "dent" for motor mount clearance
993 Coil Mount $75 - Mount welded to the engine cross member. Nice clean install.
Exhaust Systems:
With Heat:
New: Instant-G Exclusive Stainless Exhausts - Quieter without resonance, 1-3/4" or 1-7/8" Primaries $2495
B&B Exhaust with custom Instant-G muffler and dual outlets heat with horsepower and no resonance $2350
Modified Factory 993 Systems complete with
Factory Headers
Factory Metalic Catalyst,
all heater ducting and adapters
Straight Tips $1395 (964) $1195 (993)
Optional Resonator Tips add $150
Carrera exhaust with modified flanges, proper oil lines and performance muffler $825
No Heat:
Ceramic coated headers and supertrapps - complete with brackets $1275
Save Some Money with the Popular Options Packs!