Instant-G Stainless Boxster 3.2/3.4 Headers.

The stock Boxster uses 1-3/8″ tubing.  The Boxster “S” exhaust is a joke and actually necks down to less than a square inch before the catalyst.  Porsche had to figure out some way to get rid of 32 HP!

Here’s the deal.

The 996 makes 300 HP at 3.4 ltrs. 88 HP per liter.
The Boxster “S” makes 250 HP at 3.2 ltr. 78 HP per liter.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to show that if you can get 996 power out of a Boxster “S” you’d gain 32 HP.
Now the kicker – these headers with no change to the cat or muffler same dimensions but built for a 996 make 318-320 HP with no mods to the DME. (94 HP/liter)
That means that you should be able to get 300 HP out of a Boxster “S”.

It ain’t rocket science.  Well, maybe the headers are but the logic isn’t!

NOTE:  We sell this as a complete solution, from header through cat and INCLUDING muffler and your choice of tips.  Porsche uses 1-5/8″ tubing as primaries, we use 2-1/4.  That is 80% more crossectional area.

Price complete with cats and muffler $2995.


Complete System

Headers with catalysts

Muffler with tips

We use the same Olive Joint construction method as on our 911 headers.

Now look at the competition:
Nice design and top notch fabrication, the only problem is they are a bit on the small side (note these are not for Boxster “S” or 3.4) and they flow all the exhaust through the 1-3/4″ collector vs the 2.1/4″ we use.  We looked at the Mille Miglia “Performance” muffler a set was attached to on a customer car – 1-3/8″ inlets!!!!

Here’s the FVD setup, Again, nice design, but too short (16″ primaries) and look at those tiny 1-5/8″ inlets to the muffler!  mUnfortunately the headers cracked about a year after install and had to be rewelded.

You really need to design the system from a clean sheet.
2-1/4″ is the optimal tubing size.  1-5/8 is only 52% of that!