Instant-G Custom All Stainless – Ceramic Packed Mufflers for B&B Exhaust header muffler replacements.
These now use Magnaflow full stainless mufflers with lifetime guarantee.

Available for 74-89 and C2/C4 as a B&B retrofit.

Shown with optional stainless resonator tips, just like on the Blaucarrera!

$895 Plain Tips
$995 Resonator Tips

  • All 304 Stainless construction, precision tig welded with adjustable tips and inlets
  • Stainless Resonator Tips Optional.
  • Ceramic packed with 16 Ga stainless casing.
  • Internal”X”crossflow Design.
  • Perfect for 3.6 conversions or carreras
  • Mellow Low Tone at idle, but aggressive at higher RPMs
  • Won’t blow up or split like the original B&Bs
  • No resonance, listen to the radio again while you’re cruising!

Mandrel bent 2.5″ tubing throughout with slip fit flanges. Mounts to lower engine studs.