About a year ago (summer 2016) I bought a motor with 89K miles on it.  Definitely on the cusp of needing a top end. I paid big money for it, as the 95 electronics packages are now pushing $4K.  My plan was to sit on it and see what happens.  So September of 2017 I pulled it from storage in the lower shop and leaked it down.

The engine was pretty clean, a little seepage from the breather gasket which is pretty normal, otherwise dry.

One cyl had 8% the others were in the 2-3% range. I just got a set of 95 heads back from the machine shop so plan:  Top end and reseal.  What I found was leafy.  Glad I took off the shroud!

That was Wednesday, September 13th. I disassembled the engine that night, down to the P&Cs.  Motor went into a car on Sunday, the 17th, after a long, long Saturday. Fired right up. Exhaust went on on the 21st.Ended up with new exhaust guides, front rear and top re-seal.  In the process, I strapped on a VRam intake and a happy crab RS exhaust.