This engine was purchased freshly rebuilt, after another customer my mine wisely rejected it. It was supposed to have been properly rebuilt.  Whoever did it made some serious mistakes and the engine would have soon come apart. Exhaust guides are original and badly worn, all gaskets and seals were reused, one of the case through studs and no nut or washer, left and right cam hardware, gears and tensioner were reversed, rockers were installed randomly, many bolts were finger tight, rods were not torqued, the intermediate shaft cover was missing which means all the oil would shoot out there and the engine would never make pressure, reused wrong dirty  hardware form a different engine was used, etc. etc.  There is red permatex in one of the exhaust ports, and one of the intakes was full of water and corroded the port and the valve.  Half the spark plugs were used, the other half are AC/Delco random plugs. On and on.  What a mess.

The plan is to re-do the heads, have the crank checked and rebuild with fresh gaskets.