This is a 3.4 liter.  The heads have massive ports (45i, 43e)  The pistons are high dome large pocket  J&E with super lightweight wrist pins spec'd to 11.5:1 with copper plated steel top rings, ductile iron 2nd rings and standard type Porsche 2-peice oil rings. Cylinders are Mahle 98mm done by Millennium Technologies.

This is the build.  Start with a clipped, knife edged and balanced crank:

Better view of the knife edged crank.

The rods standing at attention. 

Rod bolts are set via teh stretch method.

Spec is 0.011".  That's where they are.

The oil pump and intermediate shaft installed.  The black goop is assembly lube with moly.

Add the crank.

Stand up the rods, then do the dow-corning 730 treatment.

Bada-Bing!  It's togehter.

Now add the head studs, all height checked and red-loctited...

Now setting ring gaps on all 18 rings.  TOlerance is 0.001" and you get to use a ring-file setup.  TIme consuming because it has to be right.  The rings are made longer than they need to be so they can be set by the builder.

The Whisler. Compression checker. Heads, shims, cylinders are swapped and adjusted until equalized at the target compression.

When you are all done they read 11.5:1  Only a couple of hours later.

Now that's pretty!  Notice the hand shaped conical barrrel nuts.  FUN.

OK, so I wasteed the better part of an hour polishing the fan and ring.  Couldn;t resist.  Stock 993 distributor and coils will be used.

The conical nuts.  I also re-shrink wrapped the engine wiring harness.

Now this is flat out a pain in the ass.  They charge you  $300 + for a pair of air cleaners and they don't have the common decency to cut the holes for the stacks. More fun. ALl it woudl take is an entry in their water jet cutter program. Oh well.

Here's the complete engine less sheet metal and fuel/ignition wiring harness.

Now we add 1-3/4 or 1-7/8" Headers. The dyno will tell but I suspect the larger will be the way to go.

Note the adapters on the upper plug wires to fill the holes.

Add the sheetmetal.

Don't  worry, the deck screws will go away, they are just holding the wires temporarily.  Stainless screws and aluminum brackets incoming.

OK, so there is the complete motor.  All we need now is an injection/ignition harness.