The install on this car started with the removal of the factory sound mat and replacement with a Dynamat Extreme.  The relay panel was also removes since this car will never have heat or defrost!  Really cleans up the engine bay.

Dynamat, reflective shielding with sound dampener.

In the center is a 35-85psi adjustable fuel regulator.  It will be set at about 3 bar.

Relay panel removed.

The engine harness is then pulled through a holt in the firewall  and the engine installed.  yeah, it's just that simple.  Right.

Now the fuel lines are all run.  Shrink tube protects teh fiberglas fan shroud from the abrasive braided hose.

Here we are with the remainder of the fuel lines run. This setup uses teh factory feed and return lines along with a factory fuel filter.  Easy to get replacement parts, and if it's good enought for a GT3, well...

Note here the custom throttle linkage.  Still to be added:  Vacuum lines, air cleaners and oil breather hoses.