This is a 3.4 liter.  The heads have massive ports (45i, 43e)  The pistons are high dome large pocket  J&E with super lightweight wrist pins spec'd to 11.5:1 with copper plated steel top rings, ductile iron 2nd rings and standard type Porsche 2-piece oil rings. Cylinders are Mahle 98mm done by Millennium Technologies.

Heads carry 52mm and 43mm valves. The intakes are stainless, the exhausts are inconel.  Holey retainers and CMW competition springs.

Note the thin wall wrist pins.

Rods are shot peened then reconditioned and balanced. Raceware rod bolts are used.

The case was boat tailed.  Look at the webbing at the cylinder base.

Knife edged and balanced crank.

Better view of the knife edged crank.