The engine's built so now it's time for the wiring harness.  This is more than a day project. First step is to lay out the 12 wires that comprise the fuel injection harness for sequential injection.

Now the wiring harness. Made by hand and no matter how you slice it it takes a day start to end.  It's all SXL cross linked special 20ga, 18ga, 14 ga, and special shielded cable for the FW sensor and hall effect distributor sensor.

Every junction is done in heat shrink, with main sections in flame resistant expandable sleeving.  Porsche factory connectors are used throughout with soldered butt splices where wires need to fork.  Note the factory 21-pin connection done so the engine can be easily removed with just 5 connections.  Just like the factory does only simpler.

Here note the custom coil mounts.

Here's the engine to DME harness. Harness part II.  The leads are also covered with flame retardant mesh when installed.  This uses a factory 911 DME relay and 21-pin connector as per 993. To pull the motor disconnect 5 leads plus the 21 pin connector and the engine's out.  This harness is made to be pin-compatible with the factory 993 engine harness on the engine end, so you could use this same harness to run a factory 3.6 with the DTA just by plugging it in.  Porsche factory sensors are used with exception of the MAP sensor and TPS, though the latter could also be made compatible.