• Complete 930 3.3 liter build

Instant-G is a full service shop that also designs and manufactures parts. We can change your oil, your engine, or your life!

What's  a product without a service?  Not much.

We provide consulting and tech support on everything we sell, and we don't sell anything we haven't installed.

We have done quite a few whole car builds... and can engineer a comprehensive solution where all components work in harmony.

In addition to what we do, it's just as important we know what we don't do.  Paint, bodywork and interiors are really not our thing.  We can make recommendations, and fit bolt-on bodywork necessary for optimal performance, like wings, splitters, etc.  We can also make solid recommendations for shops we work in concert with for complete solution that works for you.

Part of what we do is make sure you are getting not only something that works, but that works for your application, and is financially appropriate.

Are you located a thousand miles away?  We have options:

  • Ship us your car.  We will do the work, thoroughly test, and ship it back.
    • We have had cars shipped in from:
      • Québec  Canada
      • New Orleans, LA
      • Chicago, IL
      • Atlanta, GA
      • Naples FL
      • Providence  RI
      • and many more places...
  • We can ship you what you need, tested before it leaves, worldwide
    • We then support you and your shop remotely.
    • We have shipped 3.6 conversion kits to Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and Russia in addition to North and South America.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • 3.6 Conversions for Air Cooled 911
  • Stock and Modified Engine Rebuilding
    • 3.0-3.2
    • 3.6-3.8
    • Water Cooled Metzer (GT3/996 turbo)
  • Custom Engine Solutions for Track and Street
  • Engine Tuning with our in-house Mustang chassis dyno
  • Transmissions
    • Rebuilding
    • Custom Race Builds with appropriately spaced ratios
    • G50 Conversions, both 5- and 6-speed
  • Roll Cage and Chassis Reinforcements
  • Suspension Systems including Coil-Over conversion from performance street to full competition.
  • Factory and aftermarket wheel and tire fittment

Please see our products page for additional information, many of the products overlap with services