• 4WD 965

Gee, can you guys do turbocharging?

Yeah.  We can do that.

Most shops can rebuild a 930 engine, maybe slap on a K27 turbo and a big intercooler. Done.

On 930 engines, we have done twin plug conversions, ni-resist rings, Carrera intakes with stand alone injection, custom heat exchangers and headers and intercoolers built in house.

We’ve also built 3.6 based air-cooled twin-turbos, custom pistons, deformable copper sealing rings, lowered compression pistons, etc. also with stand-alone management.

I also personally own three 996 turbos…and they ain’t stock. We do Protomotive tuning with stock electronics as well as Pro-EFI plug-and play systems capable of 1000 HP on flexfuel.  We know which clutches work, how to select the right parts without going broke.  We don’t do anything for customers we haven’t done for ourselves.  We have owned fifty or so Porsches, and generally own a couple of dozen at any given time, so chances are if it’s possible we’ve done it!


996 turbo….we own three cars and have four spare engines on the shelf, plus two in process (today, February 12, 2016).