• 901 Rebuilding

We have been building 911 transmissions for over a quarter of a century.  We can custom build 915 and all G50 variants from 964 through GT3 and 996 twin-turbo.

Full race prep consulting on trans selection, ratios, diff setup and retrofits.

Single Mass and High Torque clutch solutions

  • Complete Rebuilding Services
  • Limited Slip Retrofits with custom lockup in accel and overrun
  • Custom Gear Ratios
  • Performance and Endurance Upgrades
  • Billet Forks
  • Trans Coolers
  • G50 Shortening for install in 911 though 1986
  • Short and Shifter Assemblies from WeVo, Tilton and B&H
  • U-Joint 915 couplers

Gearing charts for all transmissions 1973-2011 including 915/G50/G64/G96, 911, 964, 993, GT3, GT3 Cup and 996/7 twin-turbo