Installing the railing posts was a bit less than fun. They have a 12" bolt that goes into the support beams, and then aluminum brackets that attach them to the hardwood floor and/or stair stringers.

Above you can see the alumnum brackets we made, each has 24 screws securing the bracket set to the floore and post.  The sleeves are black PVC.  It makes more sense together.

The upper left wood panel is made of Kempas flooring...we call it the "Art Wall".  The stainless screws attach to the studs.

That was fun.  The posts have a 12" long screw going into floor, and then four aluminum angle brackets around the perimeter with 1.5" deck screws, 3 per bracket into the floor and 3 more into the post (24 per post).
On the Man Cave Wall we built an "Art Wall" out of solid Kempas to bridge the studs in the  wall.

Now to the outside.  This was fun in 28 degrees with the wind blowin' what seemed like 20 knots!

I designed the balcony so the deck surface is only attached to the structure at the perimeter.  Every 16" there is an aluminum U channel supporting the deck and keeping it off a 20 Gage stainless sheet that covers the deck and overhangs 4" punctures, no leak.

Tat being the case the only thing to attach the balcony posts to are the perimeter boards...1.5" composite. Plan is to run 6" long lags in three of the four corners, then use EZ-LOK thread inserts for the remaining corner and 4 center holes.  Step 1 drill 12mm holes (no it would have been too easy if they were 1/2".  I used 31/64th bit I happen to have...close enough.

The threaded inserts accept 3/8" coarse thread bolts and are 1" deep.

They install with an allen.  They are, unfortunately, pretty soft since they are made of Zinc.

Five done, note that one cracked the hex collar off.  Oh well.

Done.  Fender washers are used to level the post (see far side).

Same treatment on the west post.  One thing to note: The posts are all split and a bit crooked. They weren;t that way when we bought them...but they're gonna do that so let them dry before you put them up and you can make them plumb.

Finally slide the cover cap and skirt on.  Not to worry I have a bigger skirt.