November 21, 2009, about 8am, they set the first beam.  This beam is 5.5x16" in crossection and 22' long and sits 14 feet off the deck.  The second one is 26' long and sets 17' off the lower deck.  LVL weighs about 22 lb per foot, about the same as a W10x22 steel beam!!
That means the beams weighed 484 and 570lbs respectively!


When we got done I asked Merv and his brother if they had seen Kingpin, they had!  We laughed about the scene where they are raising a barn and the women ring the lunch bell, and Woody Harelson takes off to eat and the whole barn collapses.(Click on link to hear it).  Thomas tracks down Roy as he's stuffing his face and scolds him, saying somethign about how that mayb e OK in Ohio but it's not how things are done around here!

Roy Munson:                  "Brother Thomas, you know what it says in the Bible about not forgiving people."
Thomas (Zen Gesner):    "Why don't you tell us all what it says Brother Hezakiah."
Roy Munson:                "Well, it's a... It's against it."


Note: I did not take any more picturs here, I was too busy holding a ladder so someone woudl not plummet to their death!!!


About 2 hours later at lunch...



11/24/09. Afternoon.  They are now done with the walls.  Next will be the remaining rafters and the garage roof.

I guess it doesn;t look that tall here, but it sure does lookng down form the third floor!

Ooops - forgot to add the windows in the attic.  That's a heck of a chimney stack!