In 1992 we purchased our home in Newark.  It was a 1200 square foot ranch situated on one acre.  In 1997 we built what we thought was a huge garage capable of holding a dozen cars.   In 2003 we purchased an adjoining 10 acre lot. In 2009 we began a four year buld which would add 6000 square feet of living space, increase the shop to 3200 square feet and add an attached garage with lifts for storage of six Porsches.  In 2014 we manged to secure an additional four acres for a total of fifteen.  Phases af those projects are outlined below.


Land Acquisition 4 Acres, 2014

West Chestnut Expansion 2009-2014

Land Aquisition 10 Acres 2003

Building "The Shop" 1997

Our Humble Ranch, 1993