West Chestnut Hill Expansion 2009-2014

Construction Begins - Footers!
Rebar in Walls
Pouring Basement and Garage Walls (11/5/09)
First Floor Goes Up (11/11/09)
Second Floor Begins (11/16/09)
ThirdFloor Begins (11/20/09)
Radiant Heat in the porch and basement (11/16 and 11/22)
Rafters Added (11/23/09)
Roof On the House, Rafters on the Garage (11/30/09)
Buttoning it up, adding the Porch (I12/15/09)
Now for the Workshop, and some snow.
Then Stucco happens in three phases  1  2  3
Small Bathroom Update (Existing House)
Wow...March 2012, Drywall
April-May 2012, Paint
May 15, 2012, Hardwood Begins
Finish Work, Phoebe and Jake, November 2012
Deck Rails Feb 2013
Bathrooms March 2013

Click on images and links below for full resolution:



3D Line Drawing Front DPF
3D line Drawing Back PDF



Basement Dims PDF
Basement Rear View-Wire
Basement Rear View-Solid
Basement C0nstruction Notes

First Floor

First Floor + Garage Dims External PDF
First Floor + Garage Dims Internal PDF
First Floor Only Dims

Second Floor

Second Floor Ext Dims PDF
Second Floor Int Dims PDF

Third floor
Third floor Ext Dims PDF
THird floor Int DIms PDF


Lines and Grades
L&G - Final (I hope!)
L&G 7/11/09 - Septic mislocated and basement walkout too deep.

Older Drawings

Older Plans in PDF format:
Basement Plan Ext Dims.pdf
Basement Plan Int Dims.pdf
Basement PlanDimsl.pdf
E102 Elev Test-E102 Elev Test.pdf
E102 Everything View NE2-pdf
E103 Everythign View SW2.pdf
First Floor Plan-ExtDims.pdf
First Floor Plan-IntDims.pdf
First Floor Plan-Model.pdf
Garage + First Ext-Dims.pdf
S101 Section All-S101 Section All.pdf
S101 Section NW-S101 Section NW.pdf
S102 Section EW-S102 Section EW.pdf
Second Floor Plan-ExtDimsl.pdf
Second Floor Plan-IntDimsl.pdf
Third Floor Plan-Ext Dims.pdf
Third Floor Plan-Int-Dimsl.pdf

Specifications and calculations
In Excel format

Surveys (11x17 format pdf)
Mortgage (2003)
Garage Lines and Grades (1997)
Septic Layout (1993)
Proposed Lines and Grades 2009 R1