Instant-G was formed in 1989 and initially traded in wheels and performance chip upgrades.  With roots in PCA Driver’s Education, the owners are approaching 35 years with the Porsche Club of America.
The Owners are Drs. Steven and Lydia Timmins.  The shop is located on our 17 acre property in Newark DE, adjacent to the heliport, private golf course,  tennis courts and Olympic size swimming pool.  None of the other facilities have been built, but it’s nice to have room for them!


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Steven Timmins holds a Bachelors of Science in Accounting (1984), Finance (1984) and Mechanical Engineering (1988) along with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering – Kinematics, (1997).  All degrees are from the University of Delaware.  He has worked as an accountant (1984-1986) and as an IT Professional for the University of Delaware (1986-2019) and has held an Adjunct Faculty position with the UD Department of Mechanical Engineering since 2000.

Current Courses (2021-2022) are:

  • Formula SAE Senior Design (6 credits) – Students design and build a formula style race car for international competition
  • Vehicle Dynamics of Racing
  • Automotive Powertrain Theory – Thermodynamics, engine design and tuning systems
  • Engineering in Motorsports

Dr. Timmins is an active member in the ΠKA – Delta Eta alumni association.

Dr Timmins was  featured in the page 14 of the October 2017 SAE Update, Link Below.

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How did I, and later we, get so wrapped up in Porsches?

February 1988

In February 1988, on a Friday afternoon, I was reading the newspaper (remember them?).  On a lark a buddy of mine decided to head over to the Porsche dealer and drive a used 84 944.  No interest in buying, just burning time and blowing off work.  I had never driven a Porsche of any sort, and had been a “Triumph Guy” in college (1980-1984) and still owned a GT6 and a spitfire.

Holy crap was this a nice car.  Black Leather.  Silver paint. Fuchs wheels. 150 HP, which was not bad in the time when a Mustang GT or a Corvette made 225 and weighted half a ton more.  I had no intention of buying a $16,500 used car.  That was a HUGE amount of money for a used car in the 80s when a new VW GTI was $12,000 and starting salary for an IT guy was way less than twice that. I called my mother, the voice of reason, to talk some sense into me. She said “You work hard, if you like it you should buy it”.  Done.

That summer I did two track events at Watkins Glen, the first with Potomac and the second with Reisentoter region.  The at the end of the first day of the second event Bill Love (owner OG Racing) and I were moved to Blue.  He had six prior events.  We have been buds ever since.  It was also at that event that I encountered 944turbos…and had to have one.  More about that later.

That car was great, it carried me to my first PCA club outing, Holbert Racing in late October 1988. Al had just passed away in a small aircraft mishap, and the shop was still active racing 962.  We were met by Bob Russo, a friend to this day, and were given the grand tour, which included the Miller and Lowenbrau 962 and the new Indycar project which was housed there.  An unexpected bonus was a brand-new 959, silver with a gray plaid interior, parked right out front.  Just next door was a fenced in holding yard with TEN red 959s which were being held there outdoors pending approval for import. As it turns out they all got sent back because Porsche refused to crash-test them.  The numbers I heard were that they were being sold for $230,000 (in a time when a 930 cost $85K and was considered a ton of money), and they had cost Porsche in excess of $850,000 each to produce.  I was hooked.

December 31, 1988 944 turbo

December 1991 Between Porsches

July 1991 The Golden Goose

June 1992 The Tealamonstre

June 1995 The Plot Widens

June 17, 1995, A Porsche Perfect Wedding

October 1997 Dr. T gets a shop

June 1999 A Conversion Takes Root…

The full story can be found here:   Porsche Addiction