Porsche Varioram with 993/964 RS Heat tube, reduced barrier AC lines and OEM Denso 993 compressor.

We fabricate Porsche 911 reduced barrier R-134a  compatible air conditioning lines in house in conjunction with OEM Denso rotary compressors compatible with 911 and 964 conversion kits.

  • Replacement 911 Lines for R-134a compatibility
    • Full kit includes 5 lines, receiver drier and optional OEM Denso rotary compressor with custom compressor manifold
    • Compatible with 3.6 conversions or SC/Carrera
    • Reduced barrier means smaller diameter with  for easier routing, light weight with the same R-134a impermeability as modern hose
    • All hoses are Goodyear Galaxy with hydraulicly crimped with steel or aluminum fittings.
    • Custom applications to eliminate decklid and/or nose mount condensers and replace with high-efficiency modern BEHR fan cooled condensers like 993.
  • Rear quarter panel mount condenser kits, eliminating the deck lid condenser.
  • Porsche 964/993 hidden and Varioram compatible compressor lines.
    • Eliminate the lines stretched across the engine while maintaining the remainder of the system, including the factory compressor.

You might ask, why do we bother?

It has nothing to do with profitability and everything to do with reliability and flexibility to support our 3.6+ conversion kits across the 911 line.  After getting the run-around and serious attitude from some 911 specialty AC suppliers, we decided to bite the bullet and invest in in-house capabilities.  We won’t be offended if you source your AC needs elsewhere, we do this entirely for customer convenience.