Proprietary Products

3.2-4.0 Air-cooled conversion s for 1969-1994 Porsche 911.

  • 3.2 into -83 Cars
  • 3.6-4.0 into 1969-1989
  • 993 into C2/C4 1989-94

Heating Options for Conversions

Engine/DME wiring harnesses for 3.2, 964 and 993 for stock and conversion applications

Engine Building – Air cooled and Metzger GT3/996 twin turbo

Brake Systems

  • Our brake upgrades use UNMODIFIED Porsche factory calipers and rotors
  • This ensures the ultimate in compatibility
  • Brake upgrades are bolt on and reversible
  • Parts are designed and manufactured in house
  • Our hubs are compatible with EVERY Porsche rotor from 1989 on including the latst Panamera, Cayenne, GT3 and 911 turbo.

Oil Cooling Systems

  • Complete kits or add-on coolers
  • Support factory engines through the meanest upgrades and turbos
  • Each kit built to order based on your needs and constraints (bumpers, fendrs, locations, quantity etc.)

This page lists proprietary products. We also carry products from a variety of suppliers including:

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