1982 Euro911 SC 3.6

CMW East Development Car

22/28mm torsion bars
22mm F+R Swaybars
930 Brakes with drilled 12″ rotors
Color-matched Recaro SRD seats
Clubsport rear package shelf with glove box doors
Euro 915 trans with LSD
Genuine RUF Urethane front valance
8+9.5×17″ CMW wheels made from genuine fuchs forged centers
1998 Vram, 1-7/8″ headers and flowmaster exhaust.
Somewhere in the 300 HP range.  Goes pretty good!



Update March 2002, Rebuild 1991 motor
Update – September 23 2002, SUPERCHARGED!

Better looking in person!

The car came with a 76 930 tail, which was installed on Easter Sunday 1999


About 1/3 of those asked hated the light blue wheels and stripe.

Custom made CMW Wheels from actual Fuchs

’95 3.6 ltr engine with Mass Flow from ’95 993.  We ended up removing this.

Twin coil packs with ignitors. Note:  THe car will NOT run without the ground to chassis.  The relay panel is NOT grounded unless you run a wire to it!

Here’s a test install.  The current install is shown here.  Notice that the stock airbox will not clear the decklid hinge.  That is why we reccommend the Powerflow air filter kit.  SInce this the car has had no less than three other 3.6ltrs.  I use this to run the engines in then they get sold as known quantities.

Here’s a downloadable collage in 1280×1024