1982 European 911 SC 3.6

Former Cyntex Development Car

This car is primarily used to test customer 3.6 crate engines.  It has had everything from a stock 964 to modified 3.8s and even a supercharged engine for a while.  It was also the very first 3.6 conversion we did, back in 1999.

Engine specs below vary, but the

  • 930 Brakes (early) with front floating rotors
  • 22/28mm torsion bars
  • 22mm F+R Swaybars
  • 930 Brakes with drilled 12″ rotors
  • Color-matched Recaro SRD seats
  • RUF rear package shelf with glove box doors
  • Euro 915 trans with LSD
  • Genuine RUF Urethane front valance
  • Bumperette delete rear
  • 8+9.5×17″ CMW wheels made from genuine fuchs forged centers
  • 1994 C2 3.6 with CYNTEX chips, 1-7/8″ headers and flowmaster exhaust.
  • Somewhere in the 285-365 HP range, depending on the day of the week sometimes.  Goes pretty good!
    Update March 2002, Rebuild 1991 motor