2002 Porsche 911 turbo – Euro/Canadian Spec non-sunroof

Canukula: 2002 996tt

In December I bought a 996 Canadian spec non-sunroof 996turbo in Lapis Blue over cashmere.  It was totaled but started right up.  LAPD furnished all the parts to fix except the passenger fender and bumper cover. I bought both new/refurbished. Needed a steering rack and a driver’s upright. Also bought a knockoff GT2 front bumper that was supposed to be done as well.  Total investment about $23K.

This car was delivered to the body shop in October 2015 and would be done in 3-4 weeks.  Price was set at $3,500 as a favor.  July 2, 2018, they delivered it.

  • No fuel door
  • No bumper plug
  • Wing no longer operational or installed
  • Turbo script missing, no doubt stick on the back of a Chevy by this point.
  • No hood crest, oh, found it, taken off with a crowbar and it’s in the trunk.
  • Headlight trim improperly installed.
  • GT2 front bumper assembly lost.
  • Hasn’t been started since it was dropped off.

$5K well spent.  Yeah, it “cost more than they thought”. Tough sh1t.

Since then I have gotten it running again and added Champion wheels.


before Paint