Midnight 993RS3.8-November 2019
Outstanding issues:

  • Sunroof not centered for/aft
  • Sunroof – staining/line

  • Front splitter corner chipped, driver’s side trailing edge near tire
  • Front bumper insert installed crooked along with splitter
  • Front bumperettes installed with a large gap
  • Front bumper piping left and right missing
  • Marks on the rear bumper
  • Rear bumperettes not installed, supplied June 2018
  • Rear bumper piping left and right missing.

Chunk missing

No bumperettes, supplied again 6/18

Sunroof Scratches

Too far forward

No Mylar

No Mylar

Large gap to bumperette

Missing Cap

Crooked grille and sppoiler

Missing bumper-to-fender seal

missing bumper to fender seal




Mylars not installed on rear quarters or front bumper
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