2006 Porsche GT3 CupS – GranAm Spec, WPOZZZ99Z6S798028

This car has 2 hours on the engine and 20 hours on the sequential transmission.

– Brembo Endurance Brake Calipers and 15″ floating rotors
– Carbon splitter
– Carbon Flared Front Fenders
– Crawford Wing and uprights
– JRZ Adjustable Shocks
– Fuel Cell with Double Dry-Break
– Crash Bars
– PWR Radiators
– PMNA Throttle Blipper
– 2 Sets Spare BBS Wheels
– Cockpit-Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
– BIG headers
– 2 hours on engine, 20 on transmission.




Crawford Carbon wing was legal in Grand Am. Much taller uprights than the run of the mill “stock” 997.1 GT3 cup car.

Video of the car being raced 3/3/13 by Carl Tofflemire, two owners back.


Rumored but not confirmed – 2008 Daytona 24, it may have been a grand-am car.


Vintage 2006 in TRG livery

History as we know it so far


Carbon lip. Gotta love it.


Grand-Am Cup Spec carbon fenders. About an inch wider than 997 GT3/Cup spec.


Yeah, I suspect the pre-flight check can be daunting.


Air filter is in the deck lid. The plug is to be removed in the rain to allow for drainage.


WOW that is a big header. 53mm, about 2-1/8 OD.




Well…they are Bremb endurance 380mm (15″) despite the perspective. OUCH. Six-piston Calipers $5100. EACH! Rotors $508 each. Hats are about $700 each and can be re-used. Pads haven’t even been heat soaked yet.

Rear brakes are 4-piston 380mm as well. Rears are 305s.on 11.5″ wheels. I suspect my 12s from the teal car will fit as there is ample clearance on the inside.


JRZ 3-way adjustable Remote Reservior shocks. “Blue” Axles. Solid mounts and hiem to-links.


Cockpit Adjustable sway bar and fresh split lower wishbones.


Note the spherical joints in the dog bones (suspension pieces).



New lower split links. They are two peice to adjust camber by inserting shims.