Gloss on Varioram makes maintenance easy

We are frequently asked:

  • “How much work is this”
  • “What does it do to the value of the car?”
  • “Is this reversible”


Our kit is designed to be 100% reversible.  Other than removing DME (computer) and associated wiring harness and a small relief in the engine to accommodate the timing sensor, no permanent changes are made to your car and none of your parts are modified. It’s been like that since we started doing this in 1999.

That depends on the scenario and how much expertise you have.

Car Value

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Behold what happens when you step on the gas!  Sales have proven that, other than highly collectable cars like a ’69S or vintage turbo, buyers recognize this as a valid upgrade. If you are worried about a decrease in value, then mothball your original engine, this process is reversible!

Scenario 1: You supply the engine

Our 36 conversion kit is designed to be installed by your average Porsche tinkerer.  The level of difficulty is mostly dependent on where you got your engine and what condition it is in.  The kit comes with a 30 page manual with step by step illustrated instructions. Here’s the basic process:

  1. Engine Prep
    1. Clean the replacement 36 engine.
    2. Perform needed maintenance, change the plugs, adjust the valves (964) , replace the oil filter (993)
    3. Remove unnecessary parts from the engine, this includes secondary air pump (except California!) cruise control (chassis previous to 1986), exhaust, power steering pump.
    4. Send us the crossmember for modification or as an exchange
    5. Install conversion parts to the engine.  This includes the modified crossmember, power steering block  off, etc. as listed, exhaust, chip.
    6. Re-pin the 14 pin connector per instructions.
  2.  Chassis Prep
    1. Remove the old engine and transmission
    2. Remove the old engine DME/Jetronic wiring harness from under the seat (1980-1989)
    3. Replace the fuel filter
    4. Replace oil breather lines (recommended but not necessary)
    5. Install oil cooler, replacement oil cooler lines, and any other accessories
  3. Engine Install
    1. Electronics: Pull the DME harness, install the DME under the driver’s seat and hook up 4-5 wires and a ground. Wires are:
      1. Battery – 12V +
      2. Switched Ignition
      3. Fuel Pump Power
      4. Tachometer (our harness works with all tachometers 1969-1989 as well as aftermarket)
      5. Temperature Gauge (964 only)
    2. Install the engine as you would the original, using our fuel lines, throttle cable assembly, and oil lines.
    3. Fill with oil.
  4. Start and  drive, assuming the engine is good and you have a working DME computer, the engine should start right up and you can drive.

That process takes us a couple of days, by far the bulk is engine prep.  If you have a ship do it they should charge you something like 20-30 hours depending on how much prep they need to do to the engine

Scenario 2: Buy an IG Crate Motor.

  1. Skip the engine prep.
  2. the rest is the same as above
  3. the engine will absolutely start, because we have already tested that motor in one of our cars with your accessories installed.

We charge  about 14 hours for the install, and remember 6-8 hour of that is R&R, the remainder is the time to pull the wiring harness and also to test the installation. in addition count on 4-6 hours for oil cooler installation.   If your shop does the install, they should charge a similar amount, though it may be more since many shops don;t realize how much of the work is saved by having the proper conversion parts.  Remember, we got into the business after getting zero support and only half the parts from “the other guys” so if that’s what your shop expects they may thnk they need to charge you twice the hours to locate and fabricate parts and figure all this out from scratch!

We also support the installer, where it’s a a Porsche newbie or your shop, tech support is 100% included with your package.

Scenario 3: Have us handle the install.  Get us the car and write the check.  You get it back fully tested and ready for fun!