Porsche Varioram with 993/964 RS Heat tube, reduced barrier AC lines and OEM Denso 993 compressor.

If you want to retain your air-conditioning while converting to a 3.6/3.8 there are a few things to consider:

Previous model air conditioning compressors are not EASILY compatible with the 3.6 engines.

  • 3.2 nd previous air conditioning compressors are mounted differently and are too long to clear the newer manifolds.
    • Note that the 3.2 intake slants toward the front of the car to clear the compressor.
    • The 3.6 factory compressor and compatible units are shorter than 3.2 rotary compressors and all factory and most after market SC compressors.
  • All 964/993  engines use a Denso compressor. There are some other manufactures that use the same form factor.
  • Varioram engines are too tall to allow for retention of the decklid compressor.  Beyond that, the decklid compressor heats the air and restricts flow to the fan.  Neither of these are good.
  • 964 and 1995 993 intakes will work with the decklid condenser.
  • The lines from the earlier cars use different fittings and are NOT R134a compatible, so plan on replacing ALL the  AC lines when you replace the compressor.  R134a has smaller molecules and will actually leach through the factory 197x-1989 lines.

The solution is to:

  • Use a 964/993 Denso or compatible compressor
  • Replace all lines with  R134a (Barrier) lines.
  • Consider removing the decklid condenser and converting to a rear-quarter panel mount condenser with fan

We fabricate Porsche 911 reduced barrier R-134a  compatible air conditioning lines in house in conjunction with OEM Denso rotary compressors compatible with 911 and 964 conversion kits.

Please see tour Air Conditioning page for addition information.

You might ask, why do we bother?

It has nothing to do with profitability and everything to do with reliability and flexibility to support our 3.6+ conversion kits across the 911 line.  After getting the run-around and serious attitude from some 911 specialty AC suppliers, we decided to bite the bullet and invest in in-house capabilities.  We won’t be offended if you source your AC needs elsewhere, we do this entirely for customer convenience.