3.8 Varioram Conversion Street

We have heard all sorts of rumors regarding decklid, AC condenser, and package shelf interference and 964 tail deployment mechanism on Varioram intakes.  Here are the facts:

  1. The varioram intake is about taller than the standard 964 or 1995 intake.  More importantly the “nose” of the varioram is longer, the area where the upper runners merge to the upper central plenum sticks further rearward than the previous versions of the intake.
  2. This “Nose” will not allow the decklid to close/latch in the following situations:
    1. An air conditioning condenser is fitted to the underside of the decklid as in factory AC installations 197x-1989.  The decklid will not close fully unless that condenser is removed
    2. a 964 speed sensitive deployable tail is fitted, either as a retrofit to “classic” 911 or as in the factory 964.
  3. NO interference exists between the intake and the inside of the package shelf in the engine compartment.  If an overly thick or drooping engine sound pad is present, it may touch the intake, however this is easily remedied and occurs only in the vicinity of the idle control valve.
  4. NO interference exists on 1995 993 as the deck lid is mounted higher on the chassis and the body is the same as 1996-1998 models.
Decklid Air Conditioning Condenser

Up until recently, 911 air conditioning systems performed poorly and added weight and were often removed alltogether. With the advent of improved condensers and increased vehicle values, owners often want to retain air conditioning.  If this is the case, the deck lid condenser cna be relocated to the driver’s rear quarter panel and a fan fitted. On 964 and 993 models, a single condenser is used in the drivers front fender with airflow provided by a fan which switches on when the compressor runs. We offer kits for this exact application.

We locate the condenser in the rear quarter panel to allow for an additional oil cooler in the driver’s front fender, however, if a 993 or nose mount oil cooler is used a condenser can be mounted in the front fender.

964 Movable Wing

In the case of the 964 movable wing, modification or removal of the “rear wall” (993-512-121-00) will allow for adequate clearance.  Alternatively a different tail, such as a ducktail or fixed RS America/Carrera wing can be fitted.