Here’s what you need to purchase or have us supply:

  • 3.6 Engine, from 964 or 993
  • Electrics
    • DME Harness – this goes from the motor to the DME and has three chassis harness connections
    • DME – a computer that runs the engine
    • Additional items
      • 95 993: Igniter – this is a module that plugs into a 7-pin connector near the DME and is used to amplify the signal to the coils.
      • 89-94 964: Coil Pack: This is a bracket which includes two coils and two igniters

You do not need anything from your existing engine.  Remove it along with the harness and any existing electronics. If removing the 3.2 (84-89) cut the wiring harness just forward of the driver’s seat.  Any fuel stock fuel pump 1973.5 to 1989 will work as long as it’s in good condition.

Here is what you really can’t get away from buying and what’s included in the Basic Kit:

  • 3.6 Conversion Harness – this converts the DME harness (above) to your chassis.  It receives power and sends power to the fuel pump and a signal to the tach. In 964 conversions it also communicates oil temp to the gauge.  This is required unless you plan to install the 964/993 chassis harness and gauges, which is a bad idea. This also includes a DME relay from a 1984-89 Carrera, used to power electronics and fuel pump.
  • 3.6 Conversion Flywheel
    • Cars through 1986:  The 3.6 engine never existed in 1986, so you need to replace the flywheel on all cars with 915 transmissions.  This flywheel has timing teeth (60 minus 2) that are used to determine the position/rotation of the crankshaft by the DME. This is required for the engine to run.
    • 1987-1989:  These cars also require a flywheel replacement for the same reasons as a 915. Which flywheel you use depends on which clutch you plan on running. The Basic Kit will include a flywheel for the stock 1987-89 clutch.  We also offer a modified 993/GT3 single mass clutch/flywheel kit.
    • All kits include flywheel bolts and hardened 10.8 grate clutch bolts as well as a pilot bearing.
  • Stud kit –All chassis through 1986  This is a set of studs that attaches the engine to the transmission. The 3.6 studs are too long and cannot be shortened.
  • Crossmember modification and Spacer kit:  This modifies the 3.6 engine carrier (crossmember) to fit the early chassis.  You will supply the crossmember from your 3.6 engine. Spacer and bolt kit set the engine at the correct height.
  • Fuel lines and filter – This adapts the chassis fuel lines to the 3.6 and includes a replacement filter.
  • Oil System
    • Oil Feed line: THis adapts the factory “S” hose from the oil tank to the 964 or 993 engine.
    • “S” Hose – this is a standard hose from oil tank to engine oil inlet. They are inexpensive and unless yours is new, replace it.
    • “J” and “?” oil lines: These go from the engine to the thermostat and remove oil from the engine.  You need them unless you already have a backdated exhaust. THey are factory lines and we are happy to delete them from your kit.
  • Throttle Cable Conversion – This goes from the bellcrank on the transmission (where the throttle pedal rod attaches to the trans) to the throttle on the engine.  This is needed.  An alternative is to install the 964/993 factory throttle cable. That’s difficult and the geometry is off, so don’t go there.  To make the pedal feel stock,  we also modify your bellcrank so it adapts your pedal travel to that of the 964/993 throttle body.  This modification is included at no additional cost.

With those parts, you can install and run the engine. We don’t add fluff for profit and we also make sure you have all the parts needed so we can support your install and make it trouble-free.

Recommended Options:

  • Clutch Kit – If you have replaced your clutch recently, then keep it. If not, we can provide a Sachs Powerkit (915) or GT3 kit.  Both offer lower rotational mass and enhanced clamping force.
  • Chips – We modify the mapping for increased power with custom idle mapping to make up for better exhaust flow and lower rotational inertia. You can also source chips from others, your call. We are biased, everyone is about their children, but we try to be objective!
  • Air Filter – the stock air filter will not clear the decklid hinges.  Avoid the hassle and do a cone filter. We offer 964 and 993 kits.
  • PS Blockoff – All 964/993 engines have power steering.  When you remove the pump and bracket you will have a large hole that leaks lots of oil.  This block off covers the end of the camshaft and seals this hole, and also eliminates a seal on the end of the camshaft.  You can also hack up the stock power steering bracket.  It may still leak but the price is right!
  • Modify AC Bracket – If you are not planning on running air conditioning, we can remove the part of the bracket that holds the compressor. This is purely cosmetic but really cleans up the engine compartment and is similar to the “RS” console.
  • Distributor Breather Hose Kit – Your dual distributor has a cogged rubber belt.  Arcing from the rotor to the cap produces ozone which will deteriorate that rubber belt.  This kit blows a small amount of air into the base of the dual-distributor to dissipate ozone. It attaches to the fan shroud or hater tube.
  • Single Pulley Alternator Conversion 
    • The 3.6 engines run the alternator faster than the fan to generate more power for all the electronics on the 964/993 cars.  You do not need this and it uses up more engine horsepower.  This fan hub locks the fan and alternator, allowing the alternator to spin slower. Without this part, the alternator will continue to spin if the fan belt breaks, so if it does your engine will overheat quickly with no warning light!  We STRONGLY recommend this option.
    • There is no reason to modify the crank pulley.
      • 964 Engines include a harmonic balancer to dampen crankshaft vibration, which is actually for the good of the bearings. Do not remove it!
      • 993 Engines have a three-pulley arrangement. This is actually hollow and lightweight.  While we’d be happy to sell you an aluminum pulley, it’s a waste of money.  If you want one anyway we can supply them, but given the fact that we don’t put them on our own race motors, well….use your funds elsewhere
  • 993 Specific Parts
    • 993 Coil Bracket – the 993 coils are mounted on the engine crossmember and cannot be installed in that position, they will contact the chassis. Our bracket moves them for clearance without needing additional wiring or modification.
    • Air Injection Plugs – 993s made for the US market have an air injection pump that runs for a few minutes at startup to heat the catalysis quicker.  This can be removed along with the lines to the cam towers that feed the exhaust ports. When you do so you have two holes. These plug them.
    • Dual Vacuum Canisters with Bracket – needed for 993 – otherwise, there is no vacuum stored at full throttle to operate the VarioRam. We mount them under the intake.

Here are some items you will need to add, either from us or elsewhere:

  • Exhaust:
    • The 964 exhaust is restrictive, gives away 25-30 HP and, as a bonus, will not fit on any car through 1986. Toss it.
    • The 993 exhaust heat exchangers are OK.  They will not flow as well as “real” headers above 5,000 RPMs but offer good routing and heat.
      • The “Happy Crab” muffler works well with these heat exchangers
      • You can cut the ends off a stock catalyst, this is loud and not a great solution but should pass CARB.
      • We offer heater routing kits for these as well as adaptation to the 964 engine.
    • “Real” headers should be at least 1-3/4″ diameter, equal length and lead to a 2.5″ collector.  We make these out of 304 stainless in house.  We also make muffler systems for various headers including B&B.
    • SSIs with a banana (single or dual outlet) are not recommended. These are small (1-1/2 or 1-5/8) and inadequate for best performance. The muffler will not clear the 964/993 engine mount.
  • Oil Cooling:  Yes.  You need this.  You will need a minimum of two Carrera or Mocal fender mount coolers, one 993/964 cooler or a nose mount cooler in combination with a fender mount for street use.