There are two ways to deal with a 3.6 conversion if yout happen to be remote:

  1. Ship you the engine and accessories and you or  your shop can install it.
  2. Ship us your car and we can install the engine, as well as any other accessories.

Shipping the engine to you

Domestic shipping rates are generally  $300-700 depending on location (2022) for fully insured to a commercial location.  Residential deliveries can add a substantial amount because many commercial shippers do not want to deal with non commercial deliveries so rates are higher and also incur liftgate, residential and appointment call ahead surcharges.  If you own or know a friend with a pickup and need it delivered to a residence then we can arrange a depot pickup. Even a Home Depot rental works.  In that case you are not waiting around, you get a cal and they put it in your truck for you.  All of our inbound and outbound shipment come and go through terminal pickup since our shop is located in a residential area.

Check out Fire and Ice. from the December 2019 issue of Excellence Magazine.  We did the engine, exhaust, clutch, oil cooling and brake package and shipped it all off  to Iceland.

Shipping the car to us

Rates are similar each way.  From California it’s about a grand, from Florida or Chicago $700 or so…in fact i just shipped a car to Georgia the night of this writing (2/7/22).  We can do the install long with o=whatever else you want (transmission, suspension, oil cooling, etc.,) In fact of the 6 cars here right now, I have only met one of the owners, and he lines about 200 miles away.  That way we can test the engine in the car and you get it back ready to go.