I developed the Happy Crab in 2002 to allow me to install a lightweight, durable and drone free muffler on my 1985 3.6 VRam targa using the factory round flange heat exchangers.   That prototype, lumpy welds and all, is still in use 20 years later.  Subsequent models were fabricated by someone with actual skills and a tig welder!  All stainless construction with a lifetime warranty on mufflers.  Look at the photos and see why we call it the happy crab!

We have fitments for:

  • G-Body 1974-1989 dual or single corner outlets
  • 964 1989-94 – Dual Outlet or factory style single outlet with resonator tips
  • 993 1995-1998
  • RS Style for -73 rear bumper.  Exits under bumperettes

For 993 Engines – Specify oval or round

  • $1395 for the Happy Crab alone, with tips, $1345 with plain tips. (Trust me, get the tips!)*
  • Specify outlet, 993, 964 Dual Outlet or 911 1974-1989 Dual
  • Add $275 for RS early bumper style narrow spacing with resonators
Bischoff (rear, oval flange) and Gillet (front, round flange) applications

Pricing with rotated flange for 3.0, 3.2 and 964 engines:

  • $2495 Complete with “Happy Crab” muffler, with all under-engine plumbing for heat (All 911 through 964)
  • $2195 for heat exchangers, rotated flanges and the Happy Crab only, with SC tips.
  • $1395 for the Happy Crab alone, with tips, $1345 with plain tips. (Trust me, get the tips!)*
  • Add $275 for RS early bumper style narrow spacing with resonators

Please note: If you are ordering  a Happy Crab  nd supplying your own heat exchangers,, we need to know which exchanges you have.

Oval Gasket Header Output – For Bischoff Heat Exchangers
Round Gasket Header Output – For Gillett Heat Exchangers

The Happy Crab RS (for long hood cars) is only available with the Bischoff/Oval heat exchanger option. Click here for a description.

*When ordering, we need to know which variant of the headers you have, round or oval. All photos on this page are of the oval crab, this refers to the gasket flange shape on the header outlets.

Here are the gaskets, oval (Bischoff) and round (Gillet). The easy way to identify them is that the Oval has an absolutely straight lower surface, whereas all surfaces are equally curved on the round:


The oval are shown above and below and you can see where the three pipes are welded together. On the round flange, there is a one-piece welded collector that all three pipes enter near the heat exchanger.

The Happy Crab includes 100% stainless oval resonator tips

Hence the name Happy Crab

Price DOES NOT include the CF heater tube shown below.


Complete System includes:

  • Factory 1-5/8″ 993 Heat exchangers (modified for 964 by rotating driver’s side flanges, welding and precision surfacing)
  • Heater distribution tubes -w- factory rubber elbows
  • Stainless hose adapters and high temp silicone tubing (About $50 in tubing)
  • All required clamps, brackets, etc.
  • Complete instructions and tech support

Note: You may supply your own 993 exhaust. Modification prices are as follows:

  • Rotate header flanges and surface mill $275
  • Add adapters to accept 2.5″ Silicone tubing $85
  • Complete Flapper kit, with adapters, 55″ hi-temp silicone hoses and clamps $135

Factory components available separately:

  • Headers $575 per pair unmodified, $795 modified
  • Catalyst $385 unmodified, $595 with straight tips.
  • Heater distribution aluminum casting with factory rubber elbows $395
    • 993-211-360-00,
  • 993-211-039-02 (2)
  • Catalyst bracket with clamps $65, included with catalyst
  • 993 Short Pipe (joins CF tube to sheet metal) 993-211-034-01 $25
  • 964/993 RS ABS heating tube – modified to clear 911 motor mount – $299
    • Not: we have yet to find a carbon fiber tube that actually fits. The angle to the fan shroud cap is off.  The  late factory RS tube has a 993 part number and fits all including varioram and can be modified to clear the chassis motor mount triangle without cutting.

Please note: The heat exchangers shown below were customer supplied. Ours are generally in much better condition. They were also shown with teh old clamp-on reducers.