We installed 993 Rear suspension into a 1970 chassis.  Beyond the obvious, like it wasn’t designed to do that, there are issues with the emergency brake, heating system and other odds and ends. Here we address the e-brake.

The main problem with the e-brake is that the cables are incompatilble. Our solution is to use the 993 cable.  The problem with that is that it enters the guide tubr through the cchassis about 9″ away form where the 911 does.  To solve that we made an extension out of aluminum tube along wiht a coupler of 6061 alumunum.  the tube was available in the correct size (10mm ID, 14mm OD) but the coupler had to be custom made. We did 17mm OD and 14mm ID out of some alominum rod stock. That was drilled then precision bored to 14mm.

Next is to tackle adapting the end holder to the old style 911 e-brake handle.

Coupler Tube Design
Boring the coupler on the late, We did a light press fit about 0.1mm.
Coupler and tubes


That perfectly matched the 911 chassi guide tubes (14mm od, 10mm id) and the 993 E-brake cable end (14mm OD with O-ring.)


911 Handbrake
993 Handbrake


The standard 911 brake handle also controls heat, so the 993 handle cannot easily be swapped in.  We will make an adapter to connect 23/24 (993) to 41/42 (911)



An STL file is available here, full 3D to download.