A few notes, Sunday July 17, 2023, 6:16 pm. Weekend in the shop paid off:

  • Turns out on a G50 car, if you do not have a pedal board installed you can ruin the master cylinder while bleeding the clutch.  Yeah.  Never knew that.  Replaced clutch master cylinder.  My mistake = my cost, though the pedal board was needed.
  • Rennline climate controls installed.  Those guys need to write some instructions, that was more than a full day with the blower, underhood flappers, cables, electrical, and hoses.
  • Under hood, cleanup is done.  I made a mounting plate for the oil cooler relays, didn’t want to add any holes so used the fender mounting bolts.
  • The interior configuration is complete.  Still waiting on another round of tach repairs from Specialty Guage.  Hopefully, they will send it tomorrow (Monday, 7/17). First try made it rev to 3000 instead of 2000 but that really doesn’t help much!
  • Another 24 hours since Thursday, with an assistant!

What’s left:

  • Mount the hood (need an assistant, I did mark adjustments)
  • Attach license plate wires, delaer is sending clips down tomorrow we shall see.
  • Just realized there is no fuel tank vent, working on that.