I bought 3 engines from Cogs Cogs.  The weights were 550# (1989 911) 600# (silver box, 2002 911 X51 engine) and 800# (2002 911 turbo engine)

Silver Box: 586 lbs, stated as 600lbs.


Box 3:  996tt 757 lbs.  That wegith includes a 25# engine cradle which was not shipped with the engine, and the cardboard shown.  I assume the cardboard weighs less than the cradle, which is used to put it on an engine stand.


The third engine is a standard 911 engine,  no exhaust.  THis is the same as EVERY OTHER engine I have shipped, and those have all been in the 450-550 range. that engine has since been disassembled, however according to CT the total weight was 3214 lbs.  The weight from Joe totalled 1950.  That is just not possible. The only way for that to be true is for the last engine to weight 3214-586-787 = 1837 lbs. That is just plain impossible.


Here’s the weights and invoice



Lastly here is an engine shipped in July, 747 lbs but includes exhaust, accessories, dme,harness and a transmission with limited slip, which itself weighs 180 lbs.