• TPC Supercharger Kit
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Been there, done that.  September 2002.  Yeah, a while back.  Below is what we wrote at the time.

I pulled this out in 2015 in favor of a 3.8.  Maybe someday, but not with the stock compression or that management that came with the kit.


September 23, 2002.

The Blaucarrera got a little upgrade.

What you see is a Turbo Performance Center kit to add a supercharger to a stock 964 motor.

It’s a reasonable kit but the instructions leave quite a bit to be desired. The serpentine belt mount needed modification to clear the modified 964 engine mount, and I welded in captive nuts to make it all a close clearance fit. Turned out well.

If you put this on an aluminum intake motor you need to add a single 964/993 throttle body and throttle position switch. This also needs to have six-pin a connector added to the early style harness.

Although you could conceivably install this with the engine in I think that would be more trouble than it’s worth. We drop the motor, install the kit and the belt pulleys (no fun) as well as the tensioner, reinstall the sheet metal, fabricate a custom throttle cable (the TPC holder is JUNK) and do some wiring.

The instruction want you to cut the factory harness at the flywheel sensor connector. Although I did this we plan to convert this using a pair of connectors to make it plug in.

The supplied fuel injector plug fits very poorly so we are searching for the proper connector. Not good if the 7th injector suddenly decides not to fire, melted pistons.

We retained the Evo intake. A fair amount of filing to the manifold is needed as it is supplied in as-cast form. We will make these and other modifications before selling a kit to make it truly bolt-on.

Here are the sheets from TPC’s page, linked directly. The motor is definitely strong, no doubt. Longevity may be another matter. We put this on a 964 with fresh studs, rings and top end so we should be able to objectively access reliability.