We offer powder coating as part of our 3.6 Conversion and Engine Building programs.

Pricing guidelines include disassembly/reassembly as needed and prep.

    • cleaning, within reason,
    • chemical dip based on metal (aluminum, magnesium, steel) ,
    • media, glass, or abrasive blast
    • and powder coat.
  • We are not responsible for what’s under old paint or grime, so we will do our best to alert you of hidden corrosion issues.
  • Special colors and textures are available on request, price per quote.

Popular Finishes:

  • Varioram Intake in Bengal Silver with Clear Gloss
  • Fan in single-stage silver, blue or Guards Red.  Custom colors depending on availability.
  • Cam boxes, Valve Covers, and Sheetmetal in Semi-Gloss Black
  • Fan pulley and crankshaft pulleys in gold metal flake with gloss clear or semi-gloss black

Parts Decoder:

  1. Intake
  2. Fan Ring
  3. AC Console
  4. Fan Blades
  5. Fan Pulley Pair
  6. Crank Pulley
  7. Cam Boxes
  8. Valve Covers
  9. Sheet Metal
  10. Fan Clamp

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Gold VIdeo