On March 31, we drove from Donnegal to Drogheda, all the way wandering in and out of Norther Ireland.  The speed limit, posted universally as black numerals on a white circular sign with a red border, kept changing from 100 to 60 and back again, There was no indication of units as it changed from km/h to mph!  Luckily the Windows Phone GPS knew what was going on.  Gas prices also changed from 1.12 euros to 0.87 pounds, again with no indication of units.   We drive through Kells and saw the ancient Celtic cross, an adjoining museum and not much more, but on the horizon spotted the Gorta Mor, a tower on a high patch of pasture.  

On the way to Drogheda we decided to stop in at newgrange to see the Megalithic Passage Tomb.  Our GPS led us down one lane roads, near goat paths, until we finally came to Newgrange farm and monument, and an adjoining parking lot.  We were stopped at the entrance to the lot and asked "Are ya here for the farm, or monument?"  We replied the monument.  "Oh well, den, you can't park here, dis is fer da farm.  You'll have to go to the visitors center, and that's 17 kilometers away, then get a bus, they may be done for the day though..."  We were maybe 100 yards from the monument, so I pulled the car over, and Lyd and the kids stood on a rock and took the photos shown, we then got on our way.