The wedding was held June 17, 1995..

The Tealmonstre, as it has since been named, was picked up from the paint shop the previous Saturday, completely disassembled, with no windows, trim, or interior.  I spend the entire week before the wedding assembling it with the help of any number of club members, including Rich McKay.

It was a picture perfect day. About 10 AM, Lyd’s father and I commenced to putting the final touches on the car. The interior was installed, the carpet glued in place, and a lovely quilt strewn across the package shelf.

About 11:30, Rich and I got the sunroof installed and put the final touches on the trim pieces. Paul, the best man was getting nervous. We had to be at the church by 2 PM. Quick shower, throw on the Morning Suit and we’re off.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the smell of…well, OK, Cam2 and Brake Pads was in the air.

The car rumbled down the cobblestones in front to Immanuel Church (Est. 1672). I was quite sure no one missed me as I posed for a photo-op. Into the church…MAN was it ever hot in the rectory!

The wedding went off without a hitch, excepting Alfred Reeves, Father of the Bride, removing Lyd’s entire head dress…and perhaps some hair, instead of just the veil!

After the wedding we formed a congo…uh…make that reception line outside the church, then for a few photos…and finally..the trip to Hedgley, Lydia’s Aunt Josephine’s palatial estate bordering Villanova University.

What fun it was to Roar away down the cobblestones! Well, maybe it was more line inching away, trying to slip the clutch in first gear to keep as much of the front spoiler intact as possible. Somewhere along the line, traversing a street listed in the ASPCA’s short list of horse-leg-breaker’s American Streets to Avoid was not in my mind as I set up the suspension for maximum ground effects.

As I pulled away, Rich McKay and I got into a “bet you can’t go any faster without leaving behind some fiberglass” game of chicken. I won, as I made it to the only-spot-in-the-road-that-we-had-a-prayer-getting-over before he did. This is where the transition from cobble-stone to pot-hole took place near the left edge of the road. On our way out of New Castle, I ran into the 7-11 (in my morning suit) to pick up a pair of Super Big Gulps for Rich and I. I handed his to Robin, his wife, and off we went.

We must have been quite a spectacle, driving up I-95 and the Blue Route nose-to-tail in a pair of unmuffled wide body 911 track cars, Lyd’s veil blowing in the breeze, cars honking and waving…or was it shouting and cursing?..can’t remember…the exhaust was pretty loud…

Anyway, we arrived at Hedgley for the afternoon festivities. Many a roll of film was shot. The band played. The drink flowed. The sun shined…until it got dark that is, and we lived happily ever after!

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