This car want to Cambridge Auto Body in 2016, I think and was paid for that December 31.  As of Feb 2022…well… not sure.  Plan to pick it up shortly.  The November 2019 was a lit of issues.  They were supposed to call me when it was all done. I suspect it has not changed but am optimistic. I was told I’d becalled when it was ready.

Update – October 14, 2022 the person in charge left (Greg) and when I called to pick it up, no one seemed to know who owned it. I was  informed that it was still in the showroom with  the the bumper removed. I sent along a link to the November 2019 list (below) and was told it would get taken care of.   A week later nothing had been done but i was told the car would be ready for pickup Friday, October 14.  I was asked to show up after 9 am so the car would be detailed.  No effort was made.  This is what I picked  up.  Windows notworking, parts missing, parts on passenger seat never installed, dent, drip, scratches to primer, unacceptable but I just wanted to get it out of there.

October 2022 – Pickup


Zero ffort making it clean


November 2019…here

October 2005 here

October 2003 arrival.